Tax Optimized Acquisition / Sales Structure

We plan the tax-optimized implementation of the transaction with regard to the relevant types of tax and tax risks based on the business and legal conditions. We advise on the type and structure of the transaction (asset deal vs.  share deal) and design the tax-optimized real estate transfer. When advising the buyer side, we set the course early in the process for a tax-efficient structure of the target operation in order to ensure the lowest possible tax burden for the time after the acquisition. We are happy to evaluate the economic key points, including the purchase price, as a sparring partner for our clients.

Tax Due Diligence und Financial Due Diligence

In the tax due diligence, we examine the target company for possible tax risks, quantify them and make recommendations for negotiations as well as for the implementation of measures after the acquisition. In the financial due diligence, we analyze the financial situation and planned development of the target company with its strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and risks. The results of our due diligence are incorporated into the determination of the purchase price, drafting of the sales and purchase agreement, and into the negotiations, in which we advise our clients on taxation and business matters.  We work in small and efficient teams of experienced advisors and focus on aspects relevant for decision making.

Tax Clauses in Sales and Purchase Agreements

We design, examine and negotiate the tax clauses in sales and purchase agreements. We consider the acquisition/sales structure and the results of the due diligence. In the negotiations, we enforce the interests of our clients and find pragmatic solutions so that the transaction can be successfully closed.

Tax Compliance and Reporting

For private equity funds, we take care of the  tax compliance including bookkeeping, annual financial statements and tax returns. We structure the accounts of the bookkeeping in such a way that we can efficiently prepare the required reporting.

Further Expertise