Financial- and Payroll Accounting, Financial Statements, Tax Returns

For efficient financial- and payroll accounting, we rely on a digital data exchange and the use of intelligent software solutions. Documents are provided, processed, and archived digitally by our clients on a shared platform. The bank account transactions are automatically transmitted, evaluations and documents are made available to our clients electronically. We prepare the annual financial statements and tax returns based on the accounting. For corporate management and control, we provide our clients with analyses and reports in German or English, for example for the foreign parent company, in an individually customized format.

Restructuring / M&A

We design a tax-efficient corporate structure and develop tax-optimized, implementable solutions for necessary restructuring measures. We consider all relevant types of taxes such as income taxes, indirect taxes, and real estate transfer tax in an overall concept. Provided we are supporting our clients in the tax compliance, we will take care of the implementation of the financial statements and tax returns and explain the structure in the tax audit. We are happy to support other tax advisors in the conception and implementation as a strategic sparring partner in a project.

Acquisition/Sale of Companies and Business Succession

In coordination with lawyers and notaries, we develop tax – optimized acquisition and sales structures or shape the succession for the next generation of entrepreneurs. We carry out tax due diligence and financial due diligence and advise on the drafting of contracts from a tax perspective. We use our own network of lawyers and notaries. We are also happy to work with our client’s existing lawyers and consultants.

Management Participations and Employee Stock Ownership Plans

The granting of real or virtual investments and participation options in companies is a popular instrument in order to incentivize managers and employees. There can be pitfalls in the configuration that can lead to tax disadvantages – for the company as well as the managers and employees involved. We support the conception from a tax point of view and always have the economic and legal interests of the parties in mind.

International Tax

We advise on international tax law, for example on investments and activities of German companies abroad or of foreign companies in Germany. Our advisors speak fluent English and are used to working in an international environment. We have a network of partner law firms abroad, which we can call in whenever required.

Further Expertise