Preparation of Income Tax Returns

We specialize in complex income tax returns and manage the abundant international investments of our clients.

Inheritance and Gift Tax

When necessary, we prepare gift tax or inheritance tax returns. In the tax returns, we implement the structure we designed for private assets or estate succession.

Tax-optimized Structuring of Private Assets

For our clients with extensive private assets, we develop a structure taking the client’s objectives into account. These can be, for example, an optimization of taxation with regard to current income, the one-off realization of gains through a sale, or the preparation of the estate succession. We design an individually suitable solution for each client.

Estate Succession Planning, including Drafting of Wills

The tax-efficient estate succession of assets requires timely, long-term planning which takes individual circumstances into account. We analyze your asset structure and devise a plan to transfer assets such as real estate, investments, or businesses to the next generation. We can implement the designs by drafting wills and gift contracts and preparing the corresponding tax returns.

Set-up and Ongoing Support of Holding Companies

In the course of structuring private assets and estate succession, (family) holding companies are often used. We advise on the selection of the legal form that makes sense for the objective and the asset structure, on the financing and the shareholder structure, as well as on the establishment of the holding company in cooperation with a notary and on the tax registration at the tax office. We take over the ongoing tax support with regard to accounting, tax returns, and annual financial statements.

International Tax Aspects including International Moves

We advise our clients on all international tax matters and prepare the necessary tax returns. This applies both to persons who are tax resident in Germany with activities and assets abroad and to persons who are tax resident abroad with activities and assets in Germany. We also advise clients on the tax implications of moving abroad or moving to Germany. Our advisors are fluent in English. We have a network of partner law firms abroad, which we can call in whenever required.

Further Expertise